Waiting out the Storm in some town I cant pronounce or spell…


September 27, 2008 by Bethany

The last time i wrote, we were in Bar Harbor… a million miles away it seems. So much has happened since then, of course.

After we left Bar Harbor, we still had to wait for our tent poles, so we sat at the KOA near the Trenton Bridge… letting good weather days pass waiting on FedEx. They finally arrived via Mark, and we were on our way. We had many good paddling days. We stayed on The Hub Island, Sellers Island, and then the Old Quarry Campground where we met Pat and Jack. They come here every year to day paddle around the deer isle area. It was so fun to meet them and have dinner. We even went paddling with them the next morning. We crossed the Penobscot Bay to the middle and stayed on Little Thoroughfare Island. This was one of the toughest days of our trip. I got dehydrated, (bad bad bad outdoors person BAD) and Dan had to do all the work when we arrived at camp because I could barely take care of myself. We paddled to the end of North Haven Island the next day and when we saw the crossing for the rest of the Penobscot, Dan wisely decided that we should not go that day. We stopped on a rocky beach and decided to walk up and see if anyone owned the property… and that is where we met Tyler and Valerie of NYC. They invited us to dinner with them and we spent the evening laughing. It was so fun.

The next evening, we crossed the other half of the Penobscot and arrived at the Lobster Buoy Campground. There we met 4 kayakers doing the Maine Island Trail as well. They gave advice and encouragement as well as dinner and poetry. It was wonderful meeting them. We also met Colin from Montreal. Colin had never been camping before, but he bought a tent and has been our road biking for 6 weeks! He was such a fun guy that we took the next day off to relax and spend time with Colin… who lead us to our epiphany.

EPIPHANY: There is way to much to see and way too many to meet on this epic trip that we will simply make it into a Journey rather than a quest. We still plan on getting to Key West by kayak BUT we are also planning on seeing and meeting and doing as much as we can along the way. This is the time right?

So, goodbye to Colin and we were on our way again, to Port Clyde. This is where we met the Cody clan! Cody and his family own Port Clyde Kayaks and they let us keep our boats in their shop overnight. When we returned in the morning to paddle away, we met Cody and let time slip away talking with him ALL DAY. He offered to let us camp in his backyard so we accepted. We met his whole family and also their friend Sue and her little one, Gus. All the children made an apple pie for us and we ate lobster and watched On Surfari. It was a wonderful night. The next morning, thier children again made us breakfast… blueberry waffles with maple syrup. fine indeed.

We left Port Clyde and paddled to Thief Island where we planned on riding out the storm, however I got scared last evening listening to the forecast, so my beloved husband decided the bite the bullet and we paddled into Round Pond and stayed the night at an inn that we could not afford. We are going to stay 2 more nights at another inn that we cant afford either, but we will not be in a tent during Kyle and his 4 in of rain. Praise the Lord for Dan and his willingness to break the bank so that we arent in danger on a deserted island. I love him.

so hereś to more adventuring!

4 thoughts on “Waiting out the Storm in some town I cant pronounce or spell…

  1. Cathy says:

    It is so very exciting to read your updates. Savor the people you meet and the sights you see and the experiences you have along the way! We pray God continues to bless and strengthen you for all the unique and once-in-a-lifetime days ahead! ~the Simmons
    ps…Put us on the list for a copy of your future BOOK (signed edition please )!!!

  2. RoseAnne Holladay says:

    We were so pleased to meet you this evening at the Mediterranean Grill in Damariscotta. We’ll be following your adventure and praying for you as you travel along.

  3. The Codys says:

    We will be praying for you two!! It was a blessing meeting you in Port Clyde. I am looking forward to following your adventure. Tamara Cody

  4. […] the water we had, because we only had so much of it. If we didnt drink enough, we felt sick (see dbkayak post about being dehydrated). If we didnt have enough to make dinner, well… yeah, you know what […]

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