11 Minutes in Rockland


September 22, 2008 by Bethany

So I have 11 minutes. We are in rockland – hitchiked via a fisherman.

It seemed like we would never leave Mt. Desert Island. Our tentpoles broke and Mountain Hardware was late getting them. Mark of Carpe Diam Kayaking graciously let them be shipped to his house and drove them over to our campground as soon as he got them. BTW He paddled the whole coast of maine in 12 days – A training trip. Wow. He was only paddling around scandinavia or something…

Left Mt. Desert and headed to a sweet little island called the hub. Left the Hub and paddled out of the Acadia region into the Deer Isles. There we stayed one night on a island then found a campground. Met our first kayakers! The next day we even paddled with them a little ways until we had to make the jump across the penobscot. We decided to take the top route 15+ miles across but New Haven and Vinal Haven Islands in between. We stayed on a horrible island one night – the crossings went fine but that day ended horrible. Off course, Cold, Tired, and then a long haul up rocks to our campsite. The next day we headed off for our second big crossing. Upon reaching the open water we (I) decided it was to rough to do it that day. We stopped on a island (imagine that) and saw signs of people so decided to see if we could find the owners. We ended up finding a nice young guy from NYC and went out to Dinner with him and his girlfriend in a little restauraunt on New Haven Island (come to find out later the home to the elite of the country – or so my sailing book says…). Woke up and made the final leg of the penobscot and are camping at a campground. 4 more paddlers showed up! I was like “one, no two, no three! no four!” so we have met 6 kayakers so far. Also we met a man from Montreal who has been riding his bike for 6 weeks! You never know who will be around. So from here we are onto the rivers region – Portland – then New Hampshire. Wow! So no editing i have 40 seconds!


4 thoughts on “11 Minutes in Rockland

  1. Del says:

    You’ll have to tell us about the fisherman/hitch hike experience someday when you have more time. =) You guys are awesome!!

  2. gary says:

    It was great to meet you two at the lobster buoy campground. Thanks for the information on the eastern regions . Good luck, be safe and have fun.

  3. Alex says:

    Heard about your trip from the Stonebridge newsletter… sounds amazing! God bless, and the best of luck to you on all your journeys…

  4. Ken Pierpont says:

    We’re still trackin’ with you. God bless you. We have prayed for you.

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