Gear List

Boats: We both paddled Valley Aquanaut HV’s.

Paddles: Our primary paddles were Greenland style paddles made by our friend Bill Bremer. If you want a high quality greenland paddle check him out at We also used Werner paddles as backup. Bethany has a Bent Shaft Ikolos (jealous?) and Dan has a Bent Shaft Coryvreckan.

Paddling Clothing: We both wore our Immersion Research Drysuits from Portland to NYC thanks to their gracious sponsorship. We will now look and feel like professionals. Dan loves Mountain Surf spray skirts while Bethany loves her Immersion Research J-Lo Skirt. We both are sold on Astral PFD’s! They are great.

Other Clothing: We felt like fashionista’s of the paddling world thanks to our sponsors. Shiny new crocs, fabulously warm long underwear from Hot Chilly’s, extremely hard core sunglasses from Native and new rain jackets courtesy of our local home town outfitter Great Outdoor Provision Company. Yup…

Tent: Thanks  Great Outdoor Provision Company, we will be slept soundly… and dry…. under the stars in a MSR Muttha Hubba, for which we are still so thankful and happy.

Sleeping Bags: We both used Sierra Designs down bags. Incredibly comfortable and they even zip together!

Water proofing: We had 50 ga-zillion drybags, mostly sea to summit. Now,  since Aquapac and Otter Box have decided our trip was worthy of sponsorship, we used their products to waterproof all of our non-waterproof electronics.

Stoves: We were using a Snow Peak Giga Power stove until we left it near Drum Inlet on Cape Lookout Natn’l Seashore. After that mishap, we used a MSR Pocket Rocket. We also have a homemade alcohol stove as back up.

Water: Gone are the days of milk jugs! We used MSR Dromedaries. They are awesome for storing water. You will not regret buying these.

Navigation: We used the Garmin Vista GPS combined with the Waterway guides, and Intercoastal Waterway Charts for the east coast. We each have a deck compass as well a a hand held compass in each deck bag.

Safety Gear: We had a VHF radio, the Spot, 8 aerial flares (4 in each of our pfds), 4 handheld flares, air horn, and a whistle on each pfd. We are keeping the VHF and the gps with one person and the spot and a cell phone with the other in case of separation, that way there is a communication as well as exact location. These were kept in the deck bags, which is not as prudent as on the pfd, but there are only so many things we could put in our vests. The other rescue gear is evenly divided between the deck bags. We also had 2 paddles floats, 2 bilge pumps, a rescue sling (actually the rescue sling was lost to the ocean during sketchy landing), and a beefy first aid kit. Does Badger Balm’s Anti-Bug Balm and Sore Muscle rub count as safety gear? It should.

If you have any more questions about our favorite gear let us know!


The Map

This is the map we created with our Spot Satellite Messenger of the whole trip.

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Featured In

The Key West Citizen, Vero News, Sun Sentinel, TCPalm, The Orlando Sentinel, The Jacksonville Times Union, The Immersion Research Blog, The Coastland Times, The Great Outdoor Provision Company Blog, Coastal Sussex, The Gloucester Times, and The Munjoy Hill News
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