If you happen to visit another page about an adventure trip they will tell you why they are doing what they do. Most I have seen are either raising money for a cause or raising awareness about a particular issue. Well, that is all well and good, but that is not our intention with this adventure.  Maybe you could say our intention is to inspire… Not to save the sea turtle or anything like that (however sea turtles are interesting and worthy of being saved).

So why did we do this trip?

To Inspire… not just ourselves but others along with us. Everyone has something, some dream that they probably are never going to fulfill. Why not? They are a host of reasons that I don’t even need to name.  We had a host of good reasons not to stop working, pack up all our belongings and be dropped off in Lubec Maine with our boats. However, it still was my dream, and if you discount your dreams this early in life you may as well give up. I give Bethany a lot of credit here because… what kind of wife would take off with her crazy husband on something like this? Obviously an amazing wife!

So what can you do?

Start planning, Set a date. If you don’t set a date it probably wont happen. There was nothing special about Sept. 2 when we put in the water. Actually it was a rather bad date seeing as September is a hurricane magnet of a month, but it was the date that worked for us. If we had waited for everything to be just right, we would still be in the same place we were. That’s a fact.

Be Careful. Even now that I have inspired you to go for your dreams, be careful that you don’t miss today. Today is as real as it will ever get. Don’t look back (its ok to look a little into the future) but what about today people? Whether or not its cashiering at target, making millions or kayaking you don’t miss today. Ok?


The Map

This is the map we created with our Spot Satellite Messenger of the whole trip.

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Featured In

The Key West Citizen, Vero News, Sun Sentinel, TCPalm, The Orlando Sentinel, The Jacksonville Times Union, The Immersion Research Blog, The Coastland Times, The Great Outdoor Provision Company Blog, Coastal Sussex, The Gloucester Times, and The Munjoy Hill News
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