August 17, 2008 by Bethany

apprehension is a good word to describe my feelings. Or you could say scared of the unknown. The trip is coming up soon and there are so many unknown things that are about to happen. In my mind though that is why people seek out adventure sports. A challenge, facing those fears and putting your skills to use. If you have the skills to handle the unknown I say go for it. I feel like I am getting ready to put on a new and really hard river. That gut feeling of scariness but yet I also know at the same time that I have the skills to do this. I know what the “big rapids” are (the tides in maine-fog-crossing the Chesapeake-cold water) but what about all the in between stuff… That is why people seek out these kind of things and the whole adventure sports scene.

I am also apprehensive about failing. What if we cant do it? What if I swim at the put-in :)? The fear of failure is probably the biggest reason why people never do anything out of the ordinary. If the ordinary works why push it right? If you never push the envelope and and challenge yourself your “ordinary” will stay the same. Hopefully this trip will become “ordinary” for Bethany and I thus increasing our comfort zone. Being willing to fail is what makes a leader. Think about it. Who leads you? It is the person with the loudest voice and the best idea. They are leaders because the are willing to fail.


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  1. Del says:

    You guys are gonna be awesome. I’m sooo excited for you. I’m like bouncing.

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