one week, or is it one weak

August 24, 2008 by Bethany

well we leave in ONE WEEK for maine. we’ve been packing for the trip all week and then all week this week we are packing our house. its unbelievable how fast this trip has approached. seriously. it feels like just a second ago we were on our honeymoon. its here though… and theres no denying it.

what packing for our seakayak expedition trip has been like:

last night we finally packed everything in the dry bags, and packed everything in dan’s boat twice (since i still dont have one). it fits. sort of. yikes….

you have to pack backup for everything. back up lighting, back up batteries. emergency kit with a second set of back up everything…
we have 2 first aid kits, a boo-boo kit and a catastrophe kit. books. journals. maps. you name it. it was exhausting. i was so stressed out trying to make sure we had everything, it all made sense to bring, we didnt forget some safety thing, and it would all fit. i spent a week making systems. a system food, a system for clothing, a system for rescue gear, a system for first aid, yada yada yada…. basically… this has been crazy!

william and jamie are taking us to maine so we now have a ride. thank goodness (and thank you william and jamie!!) we will leave a week from today.


The Map

This is the map we created with our Spot Satellite Messenger of the whole trip.

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