CT is controlled by a current


June 14, 2009 by Bethany

Today we awoke to more rain at Rick and Nancys and we learned a good saying, “rain before 7, gone before 11.” It turned out to be true. Now if the next few days will only stay the same… After leaving the Three Belles Marina, Rick and Nancy, came down to the drawbridge out of Niantic to bid us farewell and just after they warned us about the fisherman after the bridge, I ran into his line. To funny. It was amazing to have two rest days with these guys it was truly restful and we had plenty of great food! Thanks and we hope you got out sailing today!

The weather today was calm with light winds. Being on the sound is extremely different from the ocean. First, there is a current flowing so we have to make sure to time our days correctly. Next, there are no waves. It is always nice to just be able to hop out of our boats and not worry about the surf. Hopefully we do not get to used to this life of luxury on the sound because its back to the ocean after NYC.

After paddling for a few hours we finally made it to the CT River… We called Mike and decided that the best place for us to land would be the Dock and Dine restaraunt. After making the crossing over we did not dine but we were glad to dock. Mike came to pick us and we spent the evening relaxing with his family and enjoyed some great chicken, fish, potatoes and corn and most exciting… we ate outside! Maybe summer is here? Maybe? Time will tell. Tomorrow we are headed out again. Its easy to forget that you have to kayak when you have a relaxing evening. Thanks Lawtons!

Oh and sorry we went so long in between our posts a few days ago… That week and a half was much more exciting than we were able to write down! Its hard to fill a week and a half into a blog post but it will have to make do.


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  1. lyn g. says:

    Just catching up on your adventures tonight! How exciting and glad to read that you survived the Cape Cod experience and are keeping on. Again., we miss your good spirits and know that you are carrying them with you south.

    Love and best wishes, Lyn, Mike, Anna and Lee

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