tick tock once again.


March 7, 2009 by Bethany

I went back a little while ago and read our posts that were leading up to our leaving the first time and realized that im having to go through that all over again! September 2 was like some date that I could see come closer on the calendar every day and I couldn’t get it to slow down for anything…. nor could i get it to speed up. I feel like that again with May 1.

To quote from my personal blog:
“I know that time is passing at the same rate it always is but to me right now it is doing two very different things. It is both standing still and fleeting by.
This rest of the trip is coming, almost looming, and I can’t wait for it to come and then again… I’m dreading it. There is such a duality surrounding the thing that I almost can’t get a grasp on it at all. I can’t wait to spend my days on the water, seeing new things every moment, solving problems, slowing the pace of life, drinking up all that the sea has to offer us. I CAN wait for the stress, the dirty-ness, the fear, the uncomfortable facts about living outside. It’s a catch-22… a good one.”

At least this time around, I have some experience under my belt with the trip. I know that I can do this much. There are a lot more people backing us, even gear companies, which is more encouraging that you know. I feel like I can actually do this, and I’m not filled with dread about it like i was last time. It’s hard to describe. Either way, Im happy that we are doing this and I look forward to everything that will happen.

We have decided to buy the drysuits and head out may 1, as long as it’s not snowing and horrible weatherwise. Either way, May is the beginning and it will be fun. Thanks for all the advice!


One thought on “tick tock once again.

  1. ann patterson says:

    as always my prayers will be with you. Be attentive to the light of the Lord and follow Him where ever he goes. Peace to each of you.
    all my love always.

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