Here we go again… We need your advice


February 23, 2009 by Bethany

So the time is rapidly passing as we prepare for the next “leg” of the journey. However, we have not decided on an exact date to paddle away thats why I thought we should solicite YOUR advice.

Option 1.

The lease to our apt. runs out in April, meaning may 1st we will not have an apt unless we pay for May. That is 700 dollars. We will make about that much if we work half of May at Target (so we can have the last two weeks to prepare and finalize everything). Then we would leave in June when the water is a little warmer and our current gear will be appropriate.

Option 2.

Leave May 1st. This option involves buying drysuits (800 dollars at MSRP) because the water will still be in the 40s.

So what is smarter? Stay another month in Portland thus prolonging our trip or spend a little extra money with the drysuits and get out of dodge? I think we will be able to get the suits for much cheaper than the MSRP as well… So it will probably end up being like pay another months rent and stay in portland or use that months rent to buy the drysuits and don’t pay the rent and resume the homeless lifetsyle 🙂

Another thing we can use your help on…

Right now we are starting to plan our sleeping locations. If you know of anyone along the coastline or nearby who would be willing to let us camp on there property please let us know at Especially if you know of anyone from New Hampshire to New Jersey… We could REALLY use your help here and we are friendly and not very scary by the way.



3 thoughts on “Here we go again… We need your advice

  1. pmagistro says:

    Get the drysuits and leave on May 1st! It’s what all the cool kids are doing 😉 Besides, would you really rather be working than paddling?

  2. Geni says:

    The question here is: if the cost is about the same, which is more valuable? You will probably use the suits again…. and again… I’d say leave on the 1st of May!

  3. I 2nd Geni’s comment.

    Where in New Jersey area? I have several friends who live in the City and the area who might be of help. As you approach NC, let me know and I can also help with housing or camping options if you need/want it.

    ECU Adventure Program

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