Passed the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse today!


September 13, 2009 by Bethany

Due to a death in our family and really harsh kayaking weather, we have not been paddling for a while now. After taking a break for 3 weeks, paddling for 4 days, and then having to take another week of to go to PA and returning to bad weather, it felt like the trip was falling apart. We were getting pretty ancy.

Since the weather was not letting up, we decided to call a taxi and portage to the soundside. It was a good decision. The weather continued to blow. The only reason we were able to paddle is beacuse we were on the sound. We paddled to the 158 Causeway and left our boats at Grogs Watersports. Larry, a friend from college, husband to be oldest friend (met in 1st grade) Megan, picked us up and we stayed at their house in Manteo for the night. Nothing like old friends, long conversations about marching band, college, YMCA indian princesses, etc. etc. etc….

Megan dropped us off the next morning and we paddled away with a STRONG northwest wind. It was fast but fun. The sound was whipping up and we were glad to make it to the Oregon Inlet Fishing center, who thankfully let us keep our boats overnight. We walked across NC-12 to the Natn’l Park Campground. The rest of the day was dull besides the ridiculous wind that would not stop. We watched 2 couples attempt to set up their tents and fail. One couple actually packed up and left. This campground has been notorious in the past for us the other times we have stayed here.. and this time was no different. We spent the night hopeing our tent poles could survive the wind… and they did. Thanks Great Outdoor Provision Co!

We woke up on Sept. 11, to more west wind but gradually weakening. It was strange to be still, hear only wind, and sit in the calm remembering the nightmare of 8 years before.

The wind continued to die down and we decided to paddle around noon. We each ate some good NC BBQ from the fishing shop. Only a few places in the world that you can count on good bbq, even from a fishing center warmer. It was good. Vinegar Based mind you…
We paddled south to Rodanthe, passing the house from the movie “Nights in Rodanthe” based on the book by Nicolas Sparks. The sun was setting just as we arrived at the Rodanthe Watersports and Campground. The owner came to meet us and after hearing our story, offered us the night free. . . a free night in rodanthe. We had some dinner and went right to sleep.

Yesterday, when we woke up, we wanted to take a day off. The old familiar soreness was back again and we wanted to play it safe and take it easy. The weather however, was fabulous, therefore we decided to go ahead and paddle to Avon. The day was nice for a long while but got worse and worse as the day wore on. My Papa called and let me know that he had a friend who lived in Frisco and on top of that… he has an off-shore fishing boat that Papa offered to gift us a trip on! That sounded REALLY good. We paddled as far as we possibly could that day and landed at a rest area just north of Buxton. Andy, Papa’s friend, called and set up a ride for us so we could get to his house for the night. His daughter picked us up and we slept at their house.

This morning, we got up at 4:45am and Andy took us back to our rest area where our boats were hidden. We sat there in the dark for an hour until the sun rose. It was just a little toooo chilly because of the wind, to put on our wet paddling gear. We paddled less than 10 miles to Andy’s house on the sound and we have been enjoying a relaxing rest of the day here at his house. 

Here we sit in Frisco, NC. We have paddled for the past 5 days to get here from Kitty Hawk, NC.

Tomorrow we get to go deep sea fishing on the Good Times! Be jealous.

2 thoughts on “Passed the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse today!

  1. Brandon and Cathy says:

    We have decided that we miss you guys a lot.

  2. Kacie says:

    i’m sad i can’t come see you guys! you’re so flipping close! my doc won’t let me travel out of this height above sea-level because i have a gas bubble in my eyeball from surgery and atmospheric pressure changes of that magnitude wil apparently make me go blind. stinks. i so wanted to go to the beach this month, too… best time to kick back and watch the waves…

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