We need your help with New Jersey!


June 27, 2009 by Bethany

Hey people interested in our trip! We need your help!

When we leave NYC we will be heading towards Staten Island and New Jersey. If you know anyone by the water (or close by – we can find somewhere to store our boats) on Staten Island or in New Jersey who might be able to let us sleep for a night please let us know. This trip would not be possible without all you guys help so thanks for getting us this far. We have one friendly town waiting for us in New Jersey… Lets try to find some more.


One thought on “We need your help with New Jersey!

  1. karen says:

    Hey ya’ll….. touch base w/Jersey Paddler a huge store (not so much so in size but in reputation & quality & paddling gear)…. Call Us 1-888-22-KAYAK They are in Brick, NJ. They have “The East Coast’s Largest Kayak, Canoe, and Outdoor Show!” the end of every March. The folks there may have connections all up & down the coast of NJ. They like GOP (Great Outdoor Provision Co.) actually have experienced paddlers on staff…. and know their region, their equipment, everything. They may even let ya’ll do a talk or something while there about your journey. I haven’t found a street address on their site, but am looking. I’ve visited twice. Here’s a bit more contact info: The Jersey Paddler, Brick, NJ. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL 888-22-KAYAK or 732-458-5777… They too are on FB, at top right corner do a FB search for Paddlesports or just google Jersey Paddler.

    Ahhhh found the store location. They aren’t exactly ON the coast but like NC up in a tributary off the ICW it looks like…. (I could be wrong it’s a limited map picture).

    The Jersey Paddler
    1756 Route 88
    Brick, NJ 08724

    I know this isn’t much help, but maybe it will turn out to be a link to a lot more assistance than you could think possible….

    Best of Blessings…. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Remember it is because of HIM you are doing this….. You don’t have to face this every day if you don’t want & there are many sisters & brothers of ours out there who face far worse trials….. This is a journey, the point of which is -the journey- itself. Rest in Him. Know HE is with you & HE is in charge, no matter what. Esp. when you are most exhausted, frustrated, tired, worn out… -that- is when there is less of you and MORE of HIM!!!

    EAT High caloric foods to keep up your energy. I sometimes wonder if you are truly getting enough calories. It will wear you down if you aren’t. You’re bodies won’t heal if you are burning muscle & not food calories. I think the sunshine & warmth will help. But remember that you will soon be approaching days where it’s going to be way too hot & you’ll have to be mindful of pushing more fluids than you are used to. Do Not restrict yourselves from doing so for any reason, esp. not inconvenience.

    Plus as you get further south there are some good places to stop & lots of contacts. Touch base w/Lamar Hudgins at Barrier Island Kayaks & get all the contacts for Sweetwater & other shops all the way down the east Coast…. He’ll know them if you haven’t got them already.

    I just wish I was able to kayak once you get to NC I would love to be paddling along w/you for a time…. but I don’t believe my injuries will allow such this year.

    Lotsa love, prayers & God’s GREAT Magnificent Blessings to you! Keepin his WORD Daily & in prayer always…. it may not seem like much, but ya’ll have come so far…. and we’re not jsut talking distance either….

    Karen L.
    < \O/

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