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April 24, 2009 by Bethany

Hello and Goodbye everyone!

We are going to be heading out on our big adventure on May 1 from East End Beach in Portland, Maine. Since the time is ticking we just wanted to send out a final information-packed email to keep you up to date and in the know before we head out!

Contacting us…
We will have a blackberry with us on the trip. It is Dan’s phone so call his number to reach both of us. Bethany’s number will be suspended during the trip. You can email us, call us, facebook us, twitter us, comment on our blog posts, or even write us. If you want any of our contact info and you dont already have it, like mailing address (not maine anymore remember) or phone numbers, you can email us at and we can provide. Dan’s mom is receiving our mail for us and she can send us goodies on the trip to the local post offices of places we go.

Spot List…

We want to make a new master list for our spot contact list. Regardless of if you received them in the past of if you have emailed us to let us know you want to be on the list, please email us again so that we can re-do what we had going on last time. Things got a bit confusing last time around and we are starting fresh. If you want to be emailed as to our exact location occasionally via the Spot Messenger system, email us at Dont reply in a facebook message. Do not reply to this email address. Send your wish to We want all the email addresses right here so we can make a list. Thanks!

What can you do for us?…
Lots of things! Keep thinking about people and places that you know along the coast. The response has been fabulous and we have made a lot of connections so far thanks to you guys. If you think of anyone, send us the info anytime. The most helpful thing for Bethany is encouragement. Knowing that there is a proud and excited support system “back home” is more energizing than you know. It can really boost the happiness levels even in the face of some really tough times. Send letters, write emails, comment on our internet stuff, call, leave funny voicemails… all of these things. Most importantly of all, pray for us.

Thanks for everything so far! If you want to kayak with us anywhere along the way, just let us know.

Dan and Bethany Cox


The Map

This is the map we created with our Spot Satellite Messenger of the whole trip.

Click Here

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