Emergency Landing


October 9, 2008 by Bethany

Well we made it here to Portland. Dan and I figure that was about 300 or so miles for this leg of the trip so far. whew! That would take a while in a car right?

To pick up where we left off, we were in the town of Damariscotta, ME for the storm Kyle. We did the usual in-town things like washing our clothes, showering, going to the library.. and of course, eating a large pizza and a greek salad! We found a great place called the Mediterranean Kitchen, owned by our new friend Nick, the greek from Venezuela. As we ate our pizza and enjoyed the free beers he kept bringing to our table in a greek way, (whatever that means), we learned a lot about him. He told us about being born in Venezuela but being very very greek. He told us about his hippie days and that he has no idea how he ended up in Maine of all places. He said “I cook for you. We cook for you at our house. You call tomorrow. Yes.” Awesome.

At the same time that night, we met Breck and RoseAnne. They were interested in us and we asked them if they would take us to church the next day. Yes yes… of course. We arranged to be picked up at the Inn the next day by Breck’s son, Breck Jr. and daughter in law, and Breck the III. Awesome again.

As we walked away from the Mediterranean kitchen that night, into the rain, we were so happy we were on this journey. It felt so good to meet people and find more Christians, and be loved by strangers. We felt like there had to be something worthwhile in this trip other than simply to kayak and extraordinarily long ways. Nick saw us walking and picked us up and drove us back to the Inn… adding to the good feelings we were already enjoying.

The next day we went to chuch at the First Baptist Church in Waldoboro, Maine. We saw 2 baptisms, and heard a sermon on James 5. Then Breck and RoseAnne took us around telling us about everything we saw… as well as how the Red Sox were the only team to root for in all the world, and how the Yankees probably were sons of Satan… or something to that effect. It was there that Dan and i decided to be Cubs fans. It’s not really worth explaning. We are Cubs fans though.

We went with them to RoseAnne’s beginning of the year teachers luncheon and the Christian School she teaches at. They were very welcoming to us as well and it was yummy. Then they took us to the grocery store so we could stock up for the paddle, (they stayed in the car and listened to the red sox on the radio). We were so thankful for meeting them and for them opening their lives to us. They dropped us off at the Inn and we sad goodbyes. They offered to let us stay at their house if we couldnt get around Pemaquid Point the following day. We actually took them up on it too.

We relaxed for a few min at the Inn and we were off again to the Oyster Festival that was being held that day. How do you not go to a festival? We tried our first raw oysters. enough said.

Nick saw us walking again, and picked us up, again. He took us to his restaurant where he cooked gyros, french fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks to take back to his home. We piled into his truck and he drove us to his home, which was in a barn, filled Filled FILLED with stuff. He showed us his billion cars and his 3 billion motorcycles and all the parts that go to them. We ate the food while we watched greek tv via satellite. we enjoyed his greek hospitality immensely. Then he drove us back to the inn where he offered us jobs and a place to live. ahh the greeks.

The next morning, we met the Nutters at breakfast at the Inn. They were a fun couple from Mass. and offered us a ride back to round pond, and our boats. Of course we accepted and we were on our way before we knew it! They were Christians as well and prayed for us before they left us. It felt so good to hear their prayer and I know that the Lord is taking care of us.

We left Round Pond that day and the swells were huge! Thank God in heaven that they were not Breaking waves. seriously. being down in a trough and not seeing anything but sky is a bit unnerving. the waves WERE crashing BIG on the rocky shore, which was also very intimidating SO… we paddled into New Harbor, to stay with Breck and RoseAnne, and to avoid paddling around the point that day. How awesome it was to have that option. Breck and RoseAnne were all too welcoming to us, and we spent the evening talking about Jesus, the economic crisis, ancestry and more. It was wonderful… truly wonderful. The next morning Breck made us blueberry pankcakes and dropped us off at the public launch.

The paddle around Pemaquid Point wasnt too bad at all. The swells were still big but the day was glorious and we were happy to be paddling. We paddled all the way to our destination, near boothbay, but it was only noon and we were still feeling strong and ready for a few more miles. Our next campsite was around 5 miles away… no big deal. wrong. bad decision. mistake.

We left and paddled almost to the campground but then we were faced with something we could not have planned for. The weather had been pleasing all day, as well as the ocean, but things turned “weird” to say the least. Large waves were breaking in what seemed like irregular directions and patterns. We could only spot them but looking far ahead and seeing where they were breaking in sight. There must have been bars and ledges underwater all over that we simply could not see. We attempted to paddle in-between and point and an island but it was too hard to read and too big of waves. We changed plans and tried to paddle around the island but the ocean looked more vicious out there. We changed plans again and re-tried to paddle between the island and the point but it was even worse than earlier. I began to break down. I cried. My fear was now overwhelming me and i needed Dan to keep me going. He decided that we should do an emergency landing on a sandy beach we had passed. It was part of Reid State Park and after our first surf landing of the trip, it was finally the end of paddling for that day. Almost 8 hours of paddling in big swells.

On the Beach we met Julie, who found a Ranger for us, who decided that it was ok for us to stay the night, even though it was not a camping state park. Thank you Julie!!! and THANK YOU RANGER!!! Dan set up the tent for us while I changed and then we went straight to bed and spent a restless night, dreaming of big waves and crashing surf.

more later…

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